If the 21st century world is your oyster, the internet has made it even opportune for you to capture it. Connecting worlds and hearts across the oceans, APJanmabhoomi is an endeavour that seeks to reimagine our homelands and development goals by not allowing any fallow distance to sustain between our lives.

Bridging networks between India and abroad, APJanmabhoomi is proud to announce its flagship spring/summer Global Digital Marketing And Outreach internship programme this year.

We are seeking to broaden our horizon and throw open our doors for our young Indian diaspora who want to serve their motherland with their conviction and talent. The idea of this two month internship (February-April 2017) is to connect them back to their roots by encouraging them to engage in a dialogue between our state and the world.

The interns will be tasked with digital marketing and outreach goals that will stress on not simply publicising the APJanmabhoomi campaigns, but also establish channels of communication that will showcase Andhra Pradesh’s development endeavours to a global audience in a meaningful way. This will be an opportunity that will put to test their marketing skills to drive a meaningful change in human society and have a immense impact on the shaping of our state’s future.

Of its several projects right now, APJanmabhoomi is steadily progressing towards digitalization of around 5000 government schools spread across all the districts of Andhra Pradesh in phases. We are exploring different ways to tap the potential resources of our NRIs and seek to integrate them to our program holistically, to the extent of live-streaming interactive sessions with students. We are, thus. at a moment of making a huge breakthrough in Indian education system through this program and this outreach internship will give you an opportunity to be an integral part of it.

The interns will be engaging with a team of extremely talented professionals who will mentor their progress through the program. Upon successful completion the interns will be receiving a Certificate of Merit for their hard work, it will look real shiny on your CV. Perks are many- flexible hours, work from home, global platform, and further internship opportunity in the summer. All you have to do is click on the url down below and apply!

Apply by 5th May, 2017, and we promise you that you will be signing up for a one-of-a-kind government internship program in India will establish you as a sauve marketing professional with a lot of heart for humanity.
For more updates, follow us on our Twitter and Facebook handles. For questions, please write to intern@apjanmabhoomi.org .

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