Digital Classroom

The Digital Classrooms is a teacher lead educational content solution that intensely improves the learning outcomes of the school. The program supplements the delivery of class specific curriculum in both English and Telugu medium offline and online to make the learning experience in classrooms exciting, meaningful and enjoyable. It also focuses on providing Digital Content from leading service providers.

Aim of 'donate digital classrooms initiative'
We are helping schools in Andhra Pradesh co-opt a technology-driven learning environment so that children can learn and perform better. Recognising the importance of being digitally empowered in today's age, our programme aims at equipping schools to give students exciting, effective and comprehensive classroom learning experiences, using tools such as interactive whiteboards, digital content and classroom software. We are working towards providing digital content from leading service providers in both English and Telegu.
Drawing donor support for 'donate digital classrooms initiative'
We aim at soliciting financial support from the NRIs, with a target to digitize 5000 government schools. Recognising our donors' contribution, we would also have an engraved acrylic plate named after the donor. The project is being executed by the Commissioner of School Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.