Easing of Education Through Digital Literacy: VMCPS NAKKAVANIPALEM, Vishakhapatnam

Technology is not always about the big things: the factories, the smoke, and the resources. More often than not, it is about the quiet little things that light up individual lives. Small ripples of change that culminate into big differences. This is exactly the kind of revolution that digital classrooms across Andhra Pradesh are leading today.

Digital Literacy


The story of VMCPS NAKKAVANIPALEM, Vishakhapatnam might seem about the same as any other government schools but it’s not. Like every school, it is flourishing thanks to an organic system of education ethics that sets it apart from the other government schools. The installation of the Digital Literacy Classroom as orchestrated by our revered chief minister Shri. N. Chandrababu Naidu Garu and the Special Representative for North America has renewed the many hopes and dreams that children come to nourish at school.

It has made a difference to every child, to every faculty, and its impact so great that it reaffirms the strong belief that underscores the blueprints of the Digital Literacy drives APJanmabhoomi has been designing and enforcing across the state.

Digital Literacy

Better late than never, reiterates Shri. Mynuma Mohammed, a teacher at the school when interviewed to gain an insight into the effective workings of the digital classroom. This government school is now experiencing an 80-85% increase in the attendance of its students, the students are attracted enough to the sessions at the digital classroom to focus better at their own holistic learning.

And why not? Digital education makes learning so easy and fun! Through interactive learning, the students are being able to grasp the concepts more quickly and are also proving to be adept at remembering them better. The new teaching methodology has added a new dimension to the conventional education, it has created new inroads towards a holistic development for the students.

Shri. Mynuma Mohammed also added that the hands-on training session with the interns working under the scheme of the Special Representative for North America has been of a major help to the school employees. Since the sessions are conducted with prior information about when it would be the most convenient for the students, the school teachers have been happily engaged in learning the ropes of new technology that would facilitate better teaching.

In imbibing digital literacy through interactive means, the interns are facilitating a new revolution in how knowledge is going to be disseminated at the grassroots. Overall, the teachers are so delighted that they wish for the interns to come for more sessions soon!

Digital Literacy

We have to thank the Telugu diaspora community who, under the dedicated leadership of the Special Representative for North America Shri. Jayaram Komati, has contributed to the development of Andhra Pradesh. They have made the dream of 100% digitalization in Govt. Schools their own and have extended full support in realizing every step taken in that direction.

At the pace we are progressing, we are hopeful that we will have every school across Andhra Pradesh share the same success story as VMPS Nakkavanipalem real soon.