‘You’th are the Change


The world has never been so young and it is getting younger every day. The development of any society depends on how well it nurtures its youth.

Every year 12th August sees the commemoration of International Youth Day.

Youth plays an active role as agents of change. AP Janmabhoomi has always been keen in investing in youth, Youth Empowerment Programme was one of its kind initiative to make the youth more capable by supporting and nurturing them.

India is the Youngest Nation of the World and with this amount of youth force, comes a huge opportunity and a great responsibility as well because never before have there been so many young people, never again is there likely to be such potential for economic and social progress. How we meet the needs and aspirations of young people will define our common future.

To make a mark and create awareness among the youth, AP Janmabhoomi team will organise various campaigns and events to celebrate the International Youth Day.

AP Janmabhoomi will present a powerpoint presentation with slides detailing about eminent youth personalities to inspire and encourage our youth and how they can also follow their footsteps and make their own mark on the world, this will be followed by the direct broadcast of the UN Youth Day event.

In the words of Irina Bokova UNESCO Director-General

“Young people are essential for any lasting solution leading to peace”

In the light of the above, a webinar of duration half hour will be shown to school students, the focus of the webinar will be on the role of youth in improving peace, the main focus of the webinar will be on adolescents in conflict-affected areas are increasingly recognised as key actors in peace building and conflict resolution processes. To help young people to build a sustainable and gender responsive peace by involving them will be elaborated on this webinar. How programs and actions that are tailored to their capabilities and preferred change mechanisms will be elaborated and the youth would be given proper guidance about the same. Experts from youth civil society, government and the United Nations will conclude by exploring the various ways in which young people are contributing to building and sustaining peace.

Later an online competition will be held where participants would be asked to pick up a best quote for peace or they can tell us about their own ideas and ways in which they can promote peace, the most creative quotations and ideas would win attractive prizes and hence the event will spread awareness among the youth.

AP Janmabhoomi would like to extend it’s warm greetings to the NRI donors for their constant help and support and look forward to nurture the firm shoulders of our capable youth with more initiatives in future with the continued support from the NRI community.

With the following envisage “Empowering the Youth, Empowering the Nation”, AP Janmabhoomi teams gear up for the event & campaigns tomorrow, we cordially invite you to be part of this celebration.