Youth takes a progressive step towards skill development

  The youth today are continuously exposed to lower quality jobs, labour market inequalities and insecure college-to-work transitions. Not having learnt marketable skills to be qualified for a decent job in the market, the youth are underemployed, underpaid, undertake part-time and temporary jobs. Hence, education and training are the key factors to be successful in the labour market. Existing education system fails to address the specific skill sets required by the youth to be employable. Surveys show that youth have a low level of achievement in basic skills.

Today, the July 15th is marked as the World Youth Skills Day by the United Nations. Skill Development is mentioned in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the UN. AP Janmabhoomi, on this occasion, organised a campaign to raise awareness among the youth on the importance of marketable skills.

Our team of interns visited PNCA Degree College in Singarayakonda, Prakasam District, where a gathering of 100 young people was present to attend this skill development workshop.

AP Janmabhoomi Youth skill development

The honourable chief guests of this significant event were Mr Shaik Jameevulla Garu, Mandal Parishad Development Officer (MDO) and Mr Chakravarthi Garu, the Panchayat Raj Secretary.

The workshop lasted for an hour where the youth in attendance were made aware of the current skills requirement in the industry and where India is lacking in skill development. Lack of skills is a huge cause for unemployment in India.

Hence, the focus of the workshop was on the importance of skills and possession of both required skills and befitting education can help them reach their personal goals. Different skills are required to work in different sectors. Therefore, another salient issue addressed was about different skills that they can learn to work in a particular sector. The necessity of communication skills was also explained, as most of the youth in India lack basic communication skills and face linguistic barriers during employment processes.

AP Janmabhoomi Youth skill development

AP Janmabhoomi has always tried to unlock the potential of the youth in the state by giving them the opportunity to learn about different skills and technologies so that they have the right skills and knowledge to achieve their goals.

Our intern team focused on different sectors like Photography, armed forces, beauty and cosmetology, jewellery designing, fitness instructor, tourism, etc. A brief description was given about the skills required in these sectors. It was implied that there is a vast range of job opportunities for the youth, but we lack the right skills to take it up.

They were also given the idea of starting their own business by becoming an entrepreneur. At the end of the workshop, the youth were made aware about various courses they can avail offered by multiple organisations, both online and offline, to gain new skills to become employable.

AP Janmabhoomi Youth skill development

The youths were told about the various initiatives taken up by the Central and State Government for the development of skills among youths. NSDC its National Skill Development Corporation set up by Central Government to provide skill development and monetary benefits. They were also told about APSSDC Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation and the training plans available under APSSDC and how they can utilise it. Various training programs are made available by the state government which the students can join free of cost that too at various levels.

At last, the interns answered the youth queries and interacted with the chief guest.